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Medical Marijuana For PTSD In Alabama

Can Alabama Residents Use Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD?

PTSD can present immense challenges to daily living. PTSD sufferers deal with frequent and unexpected anxiety attacks as a result of a past traumatic event or events—which understandably often means a significantly diminished quality of life. 


Fortunately, residents of Alabama will soon have access to medical marijuana to reduce anxiety and stress, potentially bringing you relief from PTSD. That means that if you’re an Alabama resident who suffers from this condition, medical marijuana can help you lead a happy, rewarding life.


By getting an Alabama Medical Marijuana card, Alabamians can add a highly effective tool to help alleviate their struggles against this often debilitating condition.

3 Easy Steps

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Medical Marijuana

Get approved to legally obtain, consume, transport and process medical marijuana from a licensed Alabama marijuana dispensary.

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What Is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a form of trauma-induced anxiety. PTSD sufferers often endure a wide-variety of symptoms, including: insomnia, difficulty concentrating, powerful phobias, blackouts, irritability, hallucinations, and blackouts. In some extreme cases, PTSD patients even experience homicidal or suicidal ideations. 

What Causes PTSD?

Almost anyone who has had a frightening or traumatic experience can potentially develop PTSD. Military veterans and victims of assault and abuse are among those who often develop the condition.

Current PTSD Treatments

Current PTSD treatments include reducing anxiety through therapy and medications, but neither of those options are without drawbacks. 


Therapy may not effectively alleviate the physical symptoms associated with PTSD, and traditional medications used to treat PTSD can only address its physical symptoms. 


These medications often include negative side effects, including weight gain and lowered libido.

What Evidence is There That Medical Marijuana Can Treat PTSD?

American and international studies have both repeatedly demonstrated that medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for PTSD. Just as importantly, the research has shown that cannabis effectively addresses both mental and physical PTSD symptoms. 


Even FDA-run research studies have indicated medical marijuana’s efficacy in treating PTSD, specifically among veterans. 

How Does Medical Marijuana Treat PTSD?

Cannabinoid receptors are located both in the brain and throughout the entire nervous system, allowing it to address both physical and psychological symptoms. 


Scientists hypothesize that this is why medical marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for alleviating the following PTSD-related symptoms:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Hallucinations

  • Stress

  • Insomnia or poor sleep quality

  • Difficulty focusing


Medical marijuana can also help PTSD sufferers by reducing their reliance on self-medicating and substance abuse to bring them relief. Veterans Administration research has shown that medical marijuana users are less likely to use alcohol and recreational drugs for self-medication. 


As a further benefit, because they acquired their marijuana from medical experts, individuals’ doctors were able to ensure that they were getting the best strains for their personal needs. Overall, multiple studies have shown improved health outcomes for patients who use medical marijuana.

Get Approved for a Medical Marijuana Card Without Leaving Your Home 

You can stay comfortable and safe in your own home and still get approved to receive your medical marijuana card! Alabama Marijuana Card offers telemedicine appointments, where you meet virtually with one of our doctors by using a computer or smartphone. Finding out if medical marijuana can bring you the relief you’ve been seeking is easy and convenient.

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