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Medical Marijuana For Depression In Alabama

Can I Treat My Depression with Medical Marijuana in Alabama?

Now that medical marijuana is on the way to Alabama, people suffering from a wide variety of qualifying conditions will soon be able to get an Alabama Marijuana Card, giving them another potential tool to use in maximizing their happiness and wellbeing.


One of those qualifying conditions is depression. If you are trying to manage your depression, and it hasn’t responded to more traditional treatments, then medical marijuana might offer the relief you’ve been seeking. 


While only you and a qualified marijuana doctor can determine if you should try medical marijuana, we’ve put this brief guide together to help you get started in exploring this exciting new treatment option.

3 Easy Steps

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Medical Marijuana

Get approved to legally obtain, consume, transport and process medical marijuana from a licensed Alabama marijuana dispensary.

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Schedule your medical marijuana evaluation today! Book online or call our helpful Patient Support Center.

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Early Research Produces Promising Findings for Treating Depression with Medical Marijuana

As the medical value of marijuana has only recently received widespread recognition, and because marijuana remains illegal at the national level, there is only a limited amount of research into how it helps people who suffer from depression. That’s rapidly changing now that 36 states have legalized medical marijuana, and the evidence that is emerging suggests that marijuana can be an effective treatment for patients who are battling depression.

Medical Marijuana May Help Restore Normal Brain Function in People with Depression

In one example of exciting developments in medical marijuana studies, researchers at the University of Buffalo found that some brain chemicals  linked to feelings of wellbeing activate the same receptors in the brain that some of the active compounds in marijuana activate. The researchers concluded that marijuana may therefore be helpful in restoring normal brain function and reducing depression.

Patients Report Less Depression After Using Medical Marijuana

Studies looking at patients’ perceptions of their depression after using marijuana have also been encouraging. In one study, a team of researchers at Washington State University discovered that marijuana use significantly reduced patients’ reports of depression. Similarly, a researcher at the University of Washington has reported that medical marijuana can have antidepressant-like effects. 

In one especially encouraging study, conducted by researchers at the University of New Mexico, the results showed that “the vast majority of patients that use cannabis experience antidepressant effects.” Furthermore, the researchers found that the study participants reported an average reduction of almost 40% in the severity of their depression symptoms in a matter of moments after using medical marijuana, whereas traditional antidepressants can take weeks or even months to show results.

With findings such as these, it’s easy to see why so many patients are turning to cannabis to treat their depression, and why so many researchers are eager to provide the data those patients and their doctors need in order to make the best treatment decisions.


As one of the University of New Mexico researchers said about their findings, “With no end to the depression epidemic in site, and given the limitations and potential severe negative side effects of conventional antidepressant medications, there is a real need for people to be able to treat mood disturbances with natural, safe, and effective medications, and cannabis checks off all three boxes.”

Medical Marijuana May Reduce the Need for Antidepressants

Not only does marijuana appear to be an effective option for treating depression, but it appears it may also reduce the need for traditional antidepressants, which can come with an assortment of adverse side effects.

For example, one study that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Health Affairs found that doctors in states with medical marijuana programs wrote prescriptions for an average of 265 fewer doses of antidepressants each year than doctors in other states.

So is Medical Marijuana the Right Treatment for my Depression?

Medical marijuana is not a magic cure for any mental health condition, including depression, and most people need to include therapy in their treatment plan. Of course it’s also important not to rule out any possible treatment when one is looking for relief from depression.

So what should you do? Well fortunately, you don’t have to answer that question on your own

Get an Evaluation from One of Our Marijuana Doctors to See if Cannabis is Right for You

Reserve an appointment with one of our compassionate doctors today, and just as soon as the medical marijuana market here is established and we’re cleared to do so, we’ll schedule your evaluation. You’ll also save $25!

You’ll meet virtually with one of our doctors via your smartphone or computer, making it easy and convenient for you to learn if medical marijuana is right for you. If you and the doctor decide to move forward with medical marijuana, you’ll be able to get approved for an Alabama Marijuana Card from the comfort of your own home!

Schedule an Evaluation Today!

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